Review of Geoff McBride's album 'Journey To The Soul'

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer Geoff McBride released his album Journey To The Soul in late 2013 and it is ripe with beautiful music that has the classic sound of soul music everyone can get into.

McBride has worked with many famous talents including Aretha Franklin and the late Whitney Houston. Last year, he appeared on The Voice, where he blew the judges away from the first note he sang.

It’s clear with this album he has found a rich and passionate sound that shows he is worthy of the praise he has received from the media and even celebrities.

Throughout the album, McBride is joined with a beautiful chorus, emphasizing the harmony that is recognizable in music of this genre. Many of the songs are upbeat, such as “When You Got Love,” which has a nice, steady beat, while others are much slower like “Wipe Away Your Tears.” I enjoyed the different sounds that came with the album since it gave a glimpse into the range McBride has when it comes to his musical creativity.

McBride’s amazing vocals are prevalent through the tracks and with harmonizing vocals on some of the music, the feel of soul is alive through this record. The smoothness of McBride’s voice is amazing to listen to and songs like “Love Is The Answer” show the range he has when it comes to his music and vocals.

From the first line of the song “My Angel,” McBride’s smooth and rich sound hits you, with a beautiful harmony that is easy to enjoy. The album also has a cover of the hit song “At Last,” and he truly makes the song into his own masterpiece.

McBride’s album is available on iTunes and it is a really good album infused with the classic sounds of soul. Some standout tracks include “My Angel,” “Wipe Away Your Tears” and “Walk Away.”



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