Review of Justin Dzuban's album 'Shakedown'

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Justin Dzuban’s album Shakedown is due to be released on June 17 and it is an album that is very simplistic. With the sound of the guitar and Dzuban’s slow, mellow voice, it is an album that is soothing on the ears.

Dzuban has, according to his website described his music as Americana and Classic Rock, and it is clear through the smoothness of the vocals and instrumentation that he has made his music his own based on the influential musicians of the past.

Musicians such as Johnny Cash influenced Dzuban, and it is evident through his voice that his focus is on the music. What is interesting about the album is there are a couple of songs on the album that are completely instrumental. They are nice interludes in between the deep and slow singing that encompasses the music Dzuban brings out through his vocals.

“Into The Night” has a great beat and “The Last Goodbye” flows seamlessly into the last song "Find Yourself Again," which includes the sounds of the harmonica.

When listening to the album, you also hear a blend of different instruments, such as the electric piano, guitar, and the harmonica. The second song “Shakedown” has a great melody and you can hear the background vocals of a female singer named Natalie Ganther.

The instruments used are so simple but they work together to create a harmonious rhythm for the songs that are on the album. Some of my favorite tracks included “Shakedown,” “Where Are We Going,” “Windy Beach City” and “Into The Night.”

Dzuban’s second album is a classic throwback to songs of the past, focusing not only on the sound of the music, but the lyrics and story behind the song.



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