Review of Lea Michele's rocking summer in her 'On my Way' music video

By Alex Paradysz,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Lea Michele (Glee) released her debut album Louder with Columbia Records on Feb. 28, 2014. Two and a half months later, a fun and sexy music video of “On My Way” was released.

Though the lyrics indicate girls should stay away from boys who might be on the wild side, the video shows a flirty Lea dancing and having fun in the summer sun. Lea looks happy, carefree and stunning with bouncy hair and eye-popping makeup. Dressed in a white bathing suit and killer heels for a majority of the time, Lea models her anti-Rachel Berry and releases the inner sexiness we have been craving for so long.

The video is entertaining and enjoyable with its loud and catchy beat perfectly mirrored in the non-stop partying shown. It has a summer feel, set in a desert with a colorful and cheap motel pool in the background. It is just the sort of place twenty-somethings would make their play pad. A sporty jeep carts Lea and her friends around on the cracked pavement of a Southwest desert road.

There’s jumping on the bed, and a pillow fight with her love interest, as well as a smoking hot scene in a bathtub, dancing with friends, a water gun fight, ice cream sundaes and killer bathing suits. Within the 3:46 minute video, Lea shows how to have the ultimate summer with the best activities. The heart might say to stay away, but Lea proves that summer knows best when it comes to romance!



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