Review of Rebecca Cherry's self-titled EP

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Rebecca Cherry, who is a violinist as well as a singer and composer, has released her self-titled EP and the four-track album displays her unique voice, along with the sounds of the violin that portray a rich atmosphere in comparison to Cherry’s vocals.

The songs on the short album are infused in stories of the different emotions that pertain to love, such as in the song “My Regret.” Cherry’s EP is energetic and has a nice beat, especially during the song “Heart of Gold.” Her voice is rich and full with the violin playing against the electronic beat of the music.

Some lyrics on the album are spoken in time with the beat of the music before moving into the faster pace of the song, which makes for an upbeat and foot tapping sound.

“Burns Like The Sun” is the final song and it is an upbeat track to end on, especially since the first song, “She Don’t Know,” was slower and Cherry’s voice was much more soft and powerful at the beginning.

Throughout the album, Cherry showcases the range she has in terms of her voice and the songs have their own rhythm, giving each their own style that one can enjoy.

With her EP album, it is easy to see Cherry has her own unique touch when it comes to music and the sounds of the violin in the background help bring the music and passion behind the lyrics come alive.

Her album is available on iTunes.



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