Sand, sun and clothing optional in The Pretty Reckless video ‘Messed Up World (F’d Up World)’

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

We are used to The Pretty Reckless lead singer Taylor Momsen wearing little but during the upbeat romp that is their latest single “Messed Up World (F’d Up World)," Momsen forgoes the spiked stilettos and dark eyeliner for bright colors and round sunglasses. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of eye candy with Momson’s video “friends," topless, getting busy on the beach together.

The satirical video starts with friends around a campfire, then the camera pans in front of them with The Pretty Reckless drummer kicking off the song. The video flips between night and day shots, with Momsen and company on the beach during the day, with the singer tamed down in fashion with a simple tie-dye cover-up. Momsen’s friends soak in the sun with her, holding up signs of the lyrics in a “Subterranean Homesick Blues” type of way. Night shots are a different story, featuring the singer’s friends, real life personal assistant Alie Jo Kvitek and former porn star Jenna Haze, 'topless' and busy on a pile of money.

The song itself is an upbeat rocker and party starter. Momsen’s sultry voice is precise as she delivers controversial lyrics like "Jammin’ Jesus down my throat/no I don’t want to be saved/Ain’t a chain on my brain/I’m nobody’s slave."

“Messed Up World (F’d Up World)” is the latest single off of the band’s sophomore album Going To Hell. Momsen also makes her directorial debut with the video, and co-directs with Jon J, who directed The Pretty Reckless last video “Heaven Knows."

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