Star Anna - 'The Sky Is Falling' album review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

The songs off of Star Anna’s latest album The Sky Is Falling were recorded before she released Go to Hell, but the decision was made to wait until the upheavals that were happening in her life were finished and everything was settled. It is easy to see through the tone of the music why this album needed to wait.

The album begins with the song “Annie,” a slow, very melodic tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. While much of the lyrics and music are mellow and reflective, the acoustics are upbeat and make a nice backdrop against the vocals.

With her unique, low voice and the tone of the music for each song, Star Anna displays a sound that showcases the pure emotion she puts forward into every lyric.

Star Anna released The Sky Is Falling as a digital-only album and it does show the smoothness and mellow tone that Star Anna felt was appropriate to wait until her life was more settled. While Go to Hell was more painful during a time of betrayal and hard times, The Sky Is Falling takes a more sober look into what it takes to keep going.

According to Beat Surrender, Star Anna said of the album, “Now that the dust has settled from the road bumps of the last few years, I feel ready to put The Sky Is Falling out into the world.”

She also mentioned the album as being “self-reflective” and this was one of the reasons she decided to wait to release the album since her band had broken up, although they do appear on some songs. Despite the troubles that Star Anna has gone through, this album is a good listen in showing what it takes to keep going.

The album is available at iTunes.



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