Amanda Lamb 'We Were Here' single review

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Amanda Lamb has released her single, "We Were Here" and is embracing her unique take on country music. Lamb, who currently resides in Southern California, combines her coastal roots with a Nashville infused sound that feels fresh and modern.

Lamb is a young singer-songwriter who used her musical creativity to make a strong first impression on the industry with "We Were Here."

Lamb headed to Nashville when she recorded "We Were Here" with producer Kent Wells, who is known for his recent work with Dolly Parton. Nashville has a way of influencing many singer-songwriters and even though Nashville is known for country music, it is home to a wide variety of artists from many different musical genres. So, it makes sense that Lamb would come here to create her modern yet costal-country sound for new fans.

The song is upbeat and features lively lyrics that help to grab the attention of the listening audience right off the bat. Vocally, Lamb does have a deeper tone than that many female country artists who are currently on the charts, but this makes her stand out and gives the singer a more earthy, organic feel.

Lamb shines when she hits the chorus and shows off her full vocal range. The instrumentals that have been chosen for this track highlight the strong country roots but are layered in a way that help to amplify Lamb's vocal instead of overshadowing them.

Country music is constantly changing and bringing in new influences and with these changes, Lamb will be able to shine and introduce her style of country music to a whole new fan base.



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