Beatrix Girls

By Jaime Martinetion ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

New and necessary for every little girls collection are the "Beatrix Girls" 12-inch line of popstar dolls. These four girls are friends and also pop stars who love making music with their best friends!

Lark has fiery red hair and plays the bass because she loves bringing out the low notes. The blonde haired Ainsley plays the drums. Brayden leads the band and provides her guitar talents. Finally, Chantal is the keyboard player and resident Canadian of the group. Together, the four BFF's provide fun, music and their each unique features to the band and my 6-year-old daughter had fun for hours playing with them.

When you visit www.thebeatrixgirls.com you can add to the fun by listening to music tracks (at the top of the screen you can press the radio button and instantly listen to fan favorites), reading the girl's blogs, watching music videos, and scrolling through their picture albums.

My daughter insisted we look into becoming a VIP member of the "Trixie Fan Club" (A VIP code is in every doll's box) and features include downloading exclusive music and enjoying full access to the Beatrix Girls radio station. You even get exclusive info alerting you to new songs and promotions! (Of course parents should provide access and permission for any computer use and the website is "kidsafe safety certified).

The Beatrix Girls are available for purchase at retailers such as Amazon.com, Walmart, Toysrus and Justice. Their music album's are available on Amazon.com, pandora, spotify and itunes. The dolls retail for $19.99 - $24.99. These are sure to be the perfect holiday or any day gift for all little ladies alike!



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