Boombot 2+ from Boombotix

By Jaime Martinetion ,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

New and completely awesome in portable speakers is the Boombot 2+ from Boombotix.

I recently put the speaker to the test in my house (I was treated to the Limited Edition Metro Edition however there are seven total styles to choose from: various colors and designs). The Metro Edition was inspired by subway lines/subway maps.

The artwork is original and interesting! The Boombot 2+ comes equipped with a microphone, track control siri/voice integration (MY FAVORITE FEATURE!) The speaker expertly and wirelessly connects to your phone, ipod, tablet or laptop; it also comes with a 1/8" cable so you can hard wire to almost any audio device.

Other super IMPRESSIVE features pertain to the Boombot's durability. It is super durable and water resistant. You can clip the speaker onto your purse, backpack, belt: even your handlebars. It couldn't be easier to use the speaker; simply tap the control button located on top to turn the speaker on and shut it down by holding the same button. Battery life lasts six hours and the speaker will warn you at 10 percent capability.

The Boombot comes with a one year warranty NMW or "no matter what" they call it. The fact that it retails for only $69.99 seals the deal. Its wonderful quality for an affordable price. And my family could enjoy music in the back yard with perfect sound and almost no effort involved.

For more information and to purchase this and other Boombotix products please visit www.boombotix.com.



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