Karen Dezelle’s new EP 'Bloom, Unfold, Wither' is a heart-rending musical experience

By Amanda Holtzer,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle has a remarkable musical talent. Her music combines peaceful melodies, soothing vocals and emotional lyrics to make for relaxation and easy listening.

Karen developed a passion for music at a very young age. She was born in Texas, but her family relocated frequently during her teenage years. She ended up moving seven times in nine years. She and her family journeyed from Texas and Oklahoma to the Caribbean island of Trinidad, and eventually to London.

Karen’s travels exposed her to many new cultures and experiences. Her musical style was changed and shaped with each new place. She began composing her own music, and performing in local cafes and venues in the Caribbean and London.

Despite all the moving and relocating Karen did, she was able to find one constant – music. On her website, Karen says, “We never stayed in one place for long, so music became a way for me to document my stories and establish a deeper connection with people. Writing a song gives you permission to say something more meaningful. It can be very liberating to sing about your most profound experiences in a room full of strangers.”

Karen’s new EP, Bloom, Unfold, Wither, is something extraordinary. Her lyrics are moving and passionate. Karen describes it, “The EP is about choosing hope over doubt, love over fear… It’s about finding peace in imperfection and beauty in brokenness.”

The first track of the EP, “Love You Anyway,” is a beautiful song about compassion and acceptance. It seems as though Karen takes us into a piece of her past with this song, singing about her connection to someone she once loved.

The fourth track of the EP, “You Got Me,” Karen sings about a connection she feels with someone she loves. Karen seems to be smitten by a certain someone, and the emotion behind her voice truly is moving.

This past year, Karen has performed at the House of Blues, The Hotel Café and The Witzend in Los Angeles. She plans to continue performing her wonderful new EP in the future.



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