Kenny Lavender’s 'Conscious Journey Part I & II' is a smooth ride of jazzy relaxation.

By Amanda Holtzer,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

Kenny Lavender’s music is truly an experience. The soothing melody of the trumpet accompanied by gentle percussion makes for easy and relaxing listening.

Lavender was born and raised in Dallas. He learned to play the trumpet at the young age of 14. He began his studies at Indiana University. During the summer of 1998, he began studying at the University of North Florida. After graduating, he toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He played for several Broadway musicals, including The Music Man and Oklahoma. Lavender has also played with famous artists such as Frankie Vallie and Josh Groban.

Lavender’s first album, Conscious Journey Part I & II is a work of excellence. The album features Lavender on the trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals. His 17-piece band also plays on the album. The first track, “Velocity,” is loyal to its name. The song’s speed and dynamics encourage your foot to tap and your fingers to snap.

The album’s second track, “As I Close My Eyes,” has an acoustic feel to it. Lavenders’s vocals are splendid in this track, a perfect accompaniment to the calming instrumentals.

Track three, “Beauty In A Kiss,” is slow and soothing. The gentle sound of the trumpet is joined by soft background percussion, taking the listener to a happy, calm place.

The album picks up again with track five, “9th Ave Swag,” The upbeat song is fun and fast, and makes you want to grab a partner and dance.

The relaxing melodic tone combined with Lavender’s amazing vocals make Conscious Journey Part I & II an enjoyable listening experience.



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