Lake Street Dive’s ‘Bad Self Portrait’ album review

By Krista Frost,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Lake Street Dive is an indie jazz and soul band who came together in 2004 and have recently hit success with their new album Bad Self Portrait released in February of 2014.

The band is from Boston, Massachusetts and came together to create a band which played country music for free. The idea eventually failed, but they did film a video of them performing in the Boston streets with little equipment and instruments which caught national attention. All members of the band graduated from the New England Conservatory, where they originally formed.

Lake Street Dive has gained recognition because of their unique sound, somewhere between jazz and soul. Bad Self Portrait is the band's second album and is filled with smooth jazzy songs that are upbeat and easy to listen to. Their simple light-hearted vibe is contagious and is perfect for summer nights.

“You Go Down Smooth” is one of their singles that have made them popular and it is easy to see why. The single is upbeat and soulful, rocking your soul as you belt it out in the car when no one is around.

Bad Self Portrait is an upbeat jazz that will keep you swaying from side to side and shuffling on your feet from song to song.



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