Maroon 5 releases ‘Maps’ music video

By Chelsea Lewis ,
This music video does contain explicit content.
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Maroon 5 has released their brand new music for the single, “Maps” off of the group’s fifth studio album V. The video is a complex and dramatic visual that matches the modern and intense sound that comes across strongly on “Maps.” If this is the direction that V is headed in, fans are not likely to be disappointed.

The video opens with Adam Levine rushing into an emergency room where a woman is seen fighting for her life on the operating table. The video transitions between the current timeline and flashbacks that lead up to that fateful interaction.

Levine shines in the music video and shows off his developing acting skills. The video focuses on the storyline between Levine and his music video girlfriend, who he ends up cheating on at what appears to be a hometown party. This leads to her leaving the party in anger and being hit by a car, resulting in her ending up at the hospital.

This video feels more like a short film with the videography and dramatic storyline. The video is beautiful composed and shot but it does feel at times more like a movie than a music video. The video does not feature any performance shots or the band members in general; it puts Levine center stage, when really the whole group has come together to create this single and upcoming album.

Even though fans might be disappointed by not seeing other band members, they can be sure to look forward to a new Maroon 5 album coming soon.

Watch the full music video for “Maps” here:



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