Natalia Safran 'High Noon' album review

By Kaitlyn Frey,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Polish singer/songwriter Natalia Safran recently released her debut pop album, High Noon. The album provides her fans with a unique sound for every one of her tracks.

Thanks to the site Sellaband, a crowdfunding music community, Safran raised $50,000 to produce her album in record time and shot to the top of over 10,000 artists on the site. She recorded the 12 tracks from her album in the U.S. and Poland.

Safran performs her music with her brother, Mick Jaroszyk. His vocals are featured in many songs on High Noon, including “Say Goodbye” and “The One For Me.”

The sound of Safran’s music has been called “rocker chill,” according to her website. Each track on the album sounds different from the next, but still maintains Safran’s excellent vocals.

The first single off the album was “Hey You.” The musical backing gives off a dramatic feeling and is accompanied by Safran’s amazing vocal talent. It is no surprise this song was critically acclaimed and even featured on the soundtracks of two films — I Hate Valentine’s Day with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett and New Town with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.

“All I Feel Is You” is much slower and dramatic than some of the other songs on High Noon. The romantic love song features some beautiful vocals from Safran, but unfortunately, at some points it feels like her voice is being overpowered by the strong and dramatic instrumentals in the background.

Jaroszyk is featured on “Say Goodbye.” This track has some country and rock influence, which makes it stand out from some of the other songs that are more traditionally pop. “Say Goodbye” is available for purchase on iTunes.



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