Review of Grecco Buratto's 'Essas Coisas Todas!'

By Marcina Zaccaria ,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Essas Coisas Todas! is a fine effort from Brazilian recording artist, Grecco Buratto.

Essas Coisas Todas! is the recording artist’s debut solo album. The album is a personal, artistic statement from Buratto. According to his official website, the album is a “meditation on Love, the existential questions in each one of us and the beauty of being human.”

With Brazilian influenced sounds and American commercial appeal, it’s a great pop album. It is finely produced, and the vocals really lift above the synthesized pop sounds underneath. Although it is a spiritual journey for the artist, it’s incredibly commercial. The sounds are light and breezy, having a gloss and refinement. Pop albums can sometimes leave us wanting more, but Essas Coisas Todas! is complete and authentic.

The tracks are short and easy to listen to. “Trudo Nao Me Basta” has a strong, rock sound. It has all the qualities of fun, stadium rock. “Tao Pra La” is light and breezy. Brazilian rhythms lead, and the metered songs clip along at a fine pace. “Wrong or Right” is a grooving track, and would be fun to dance to. The synthesizers have a smooth sound that give the song a wholeness, making it worth listening to. It’s also easy music to connect to, although several of the songs are not in English. Other songs on the album include “XO,” “Migracao” and “So Uma Chance.”

The song, “Momento” concludes the album. There is something that it intensely expressive and personal about the song. Instruments are introduced slowly, and many say “Un Momento” in a ripple. The sound engineering is sophisticated. As the voices slightly echo, it sounds only a bit more like trance. It is a fine song, and an indicator that fans will hear more from Buratto in the future.

The album was produced by Grecco Buratto. His band includes Marconi de Morais, Kevin Richard, Ze Luis Nascimento, Will Galison and Lucy Woodward.

Essas Coisas Todas! was released on June 30. It’s also a great Summer album. Feel free to give it a listen.



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