Review of Mad Moon Riot's 'Make Me'

By Marcina Zaccaria,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Make Me by Mad Moon Riot is a fun, glam rock album. It’s a flirty CD that is all show with plenty of force.

Mad Moon Riot is originally from the United Kingdom. The band got its start when Matt Hitchens and Ru Hazell moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of starting a rock band. Mia Von Glitz and California native, Pou Piam, joined later.

Mad Moon Riot’s new album has a funky feel and it is full of fun dance music. It has plenty of bold guitar riffs and squeaky vocals that slide all over the scale.

The first song, “Running on Empty,” is a fine tune. The overall sound is a bit like Blondie. It urges the listener to take aim as they “put out the flame.” It’s slightly punk, with bounce and flow. The lyrics are open-hearted and repetitive. The background guitar echoes behind the lead singer.

“Knock at The Door” is about the restlessness of the moment. The lyrics are quick and easy to remember. Phrases like “It’s just my mind I know but even so I just can’t get no” keep the tune moving. The vocals are nasty and resolute, and the sound is strong. In the song, the band can’t seem to find the peace they are searching for.

“Some Kind of Me” offers ideas about waiting and breaking down barriers, while “Tall Tales” rocks along. It’s not so much a song of challenge, but a song of expression. The song deals with the stories that people tell, and the lies that we believe.

The lead singer battles what words mean, and her scratchy voice is of note. “Feels Like the Way” wraps up the end of the album. It is a heartfelt song with many sides. It’s empowering, in many ways, but it lightly acknowledges the difficulties that people face. “Forcing herself to smile,” the lead singer grooves along.

All in all, Mad Moon Riot’s Make Me is fun, bold, in-your-face music, with enough heart to keep fans listening. It isn’t a revelation, but it’s a good listen.



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