Review of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ new album '4'

By Luke Wiersma,
A couple of hits to accompany many misses make for a mediocre effort
Author Rating: 
2.5 Stars

When a new album is released on Independence Day, one would certainly expect it to provide some fireworks. 4, the latest offering from alternative rock band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, contains plenty of sparks, but also holds quite a few duds as well.

The album can mostly be described as a rocker one, as the only true ballad to be found is “JIMRS (Star).” Overall, elements of vintage Red Jumpsuit can be found laced throughout, with the exception of the harsh screaming that lead singer Ronnie Winter utilized early on in the band’s career, namely their debut album Don’t You Fake It.

Examples of these elements include Winter’s rangy vocals and searing guitar riffs from the likes of Joey Westwood and Matt Carter.

If you’re only going to listen to a few songs on the album, or are just going to try out a few before you completely jump into it, the ones you should lend your ears to are as follows:

“JIMRS (Star)” is a rhythmic production that has a lullaby bed-time feel, and focuses on the belief that one is not alone in this life, and implies that there is a God who is always there for you, a God that will never let you down, and will catch you if you fall.

“The Other Side” is another must-listen, a classic rock ’n’ roll anthem in which Winter lets loose vocally, and belts out lyrics proclaiming that he will be watching over his friends when he is on the “other side.”

Lastly, “California” is the most compelling and emotionally laced track on the album, a love anthem that is as catchy as it is riveting.

Beyond these three tracks, the rest of the album is largely average to below average, just a bundle of noise and confusion fused into an album. I personally don’t feel as if it has a lot of direction' It’s just a bunch of sound melded together without much of a purpose. You’re much better off popping in an old copy of Don’t You Fake It or Lonely Road if you need a Red Jumpsuit fix.

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