Review of Ricky Rebel's 'The Blue Album'

By Marcina Zaccaria ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Ricky Rebel’s The Blue Album is dance music. The album explores being a star and moving in circles of light under a disco ball. There are no big themes on the CD, but Rebel has put together some jubilant tracks.

Some of the tracks are club music at its best. The album kicks off with the affirming, “Star.” Rebel’s aspirations to be catapulted into the spotlight are clear. The second song on the album is “I Adore You.” Throughout the song, he sings, “I’m not yours. I’m not mine.” The synthesized music is inspiring, as Rebel keeps the crowd moving.

He also defines who he is for his fans. “Desire” slows the tempo a bit, and considers whether war is love. “The Boy is Mine” samples the melody used by a pop song of the same title. “Around the World (Sekaiju no)” is a bit ethereal and hypnotic. It sounds like David Bowie, in terms of intonation. Although there is nothing extraordinarily original about it, it is produced at a fine level.

“Boys & Sometimes Girls” is a fun, bouncy track. In many ways, it is a declaration of being gay, and knowing the moment that he isn’t. The song is influenced by Dee-Lite and other techno artists. At times, the album is a departure to pop music, and other songs on the CD include “Savior” and “Faithfully.”

All in all, Ricky Rebel and his team might not have produced the freshest tracks with The Blue Album, but the CD is fun and filled with energy. Perhaps some of the tracks could have a more layered sound, but the music is joyous, and they would keep the dance floor moving.



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