Review of Wray's self-titled album

By Marcina Zaccaria ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Wray, the self-titled album from the band, combines a lively rock sound with musical consistency and an appropriate amount of bravura.

Wray consists of David Brown, Blake Wimberly and David Swatzell. With the self-titled rock album, Wray has created bold rock music, with enough spirit to be recognized.

There is coherence to the album that is refreshing. The album, engineered and mastered by Daniel Farris, has a unity. Though there’s no clear message or theme, there is a logical musical framework from which the songs are based. Sometimes, the band sounds a bit like Radiohead. The tempos are quite swift and each new track has enough nerve and style.

The sounds are processed, but not beyond recognition. Some of the chord progressions are quite repetitive, and the lyrics are often indecipherable. The lead singer is a good enough rock musician, but his voice never stands out from the repetitive drums and guitar riffs.

“Blood Moon” is the first track on the album. It begins slowly, but gains momentum. It’s a smooth song that makes for a fine opening statement. “Apacheria” is the second track on the album. The song deals with moving through a storm. Although the band is influenced by The Cure, the music is not despondent or languid. The tracks all feature bold guitar music. The third song, “Swells,” is a feel-good, rock tune.

“Gravity” is filled with whispers that move through the silence. It is one of the more intentionally repetitive tracks on the album. “Bad Heart” brings in the strong guitar sound forward again. The track blares and the cymbals are splashy, before the song is over.

Wray is a fine listen, though, particularly if you like progressive rock music. The album was recorded in Birmingham, Alabama at Ol Elgante Studio. Engineer Daniel Farris worked on the album. All of the songs are written, arranged, performed and produced by Wray.

Wray was released on July 15 through Communicating Vessels.



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