Smoke Season releases video to their single "Badlands"

By Elizabeth Learned,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Smoke Season has come out with the music video for their song “Badlands,” which came out in May of this year. With their band comprising of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen, Smoke Season has a unique sound that comes through with their video as well.

The song has a foot-tapping rhythm to go with the lyrics and the vocalist has a beautiful voice. There is a great beat to go along with the music throughout the track. The video begins with captions making it seem as though you are watching a theatrical trailer.

Shot mostly outside, with the backdrops of an open brick building as well as the sunset and a darkly lit room, the video is very well done and showcases different settings, such as paint falling from one’s fingers to elaborate face make up.

While there isn’t a clear story behind the video, it has many settings, going from dark to light at different points. The melody of the song is catchy, with the singer’s vocals matching the beat of the music, and the video moves at a pace that makes everything come together smoothly.

The ending to the video is very interesting, as the band wears costumes with the face make up. The video seems to take the viewer through the course of a day, beginning in the morning and intercutting with the sunset before it eventually moves to night.

The video does a great job going with the pace of the song, and it intersects different settings at a good pace, as well as setting the tone for the song with the scenes in the video. The actions taken by the band in the video make it look like they are moving to the beat of the music and it is neat to watch. Plus, the song has a catchy rhythm that is easy to get into while listening.



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