This Week in Comics: 'Wonderland: Asylum' Review

By Patricia Streeter,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

When reality and fantasy combine, nothing good will come of it. Wonderland: Asylum is truly mad. The story revolves around Alice’s daughter Violet.

Violet Liddle spends two years of her teenage life evading Wonderland minions. A tight spot forces her to take a leap of fate. Supposedly, Violet is fated to be with The Void, who is charming, vulgar, and over the top.

Each character in the Void’s dream was specifically selected. Each role must have the perfect human to fill it. If someone is forced into a role, terrible things will happen.

Then, the history of the Mad Hatter, who was not always mad, comes to light. This is why it is crucial for humans to take on the right roles. Dreams and Nightmares are one in the same.

There can never be true peace or devastation in Wonderland. Beyond the Looking Glass continues to figuratively find its way into the Wonderland Saga. The line between fantasy and reality is thin and frail.

Overall, the comic is graphic and full of pop culture references. I liked the back story behind each of the Wonderland characters. This is one of the darkest depictions of Wonderland that I have read. The asylum is an excellent location for the real world. Anyone that can dream up a world like this must be mad.

If your searching for something darker that Disney can't give you, read Wonderland Asylum. I won't spoil the comic for you, but I will let you know one thing. The story does not end here. Check out Wonderland: Clash of the Queens to continue the story.

The trade paperback comic, which includes five issues, was published by Zenscope Entertainment. In addition, there is a bonus cover art in this paperback.

Wonderland: Asylum goes on sale Tuesday, July 1, 2014. The co-authors are Zenescope Entertainment staff writer/editor Raven Gregory and Patrick Shand (Charmed, Robin Hood). The book is available on Amazon and at Zenscope Entertainment's site.



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