2 in 1 LED Light by Energizer

By Jaime Martinetion ,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

September brings fall, everything pumpkin, back to school and unfortunately hurricane season. I am very thankful to have my LED 2 in 1 Light from Energizer.

This innovative flashlight and area light features Energizer's "light fusion technology" which brings us vibrant and uniform light. You control everything. Are you using it as a flashlight? An area light? How bright or dim? You handle the brightness and run time level entirely.

I love how it is small enough to be portable and can be placed in a drawer, bag or tool box rather easily. It features a hanging handle which makes it the perfect workshop space saver.

I am thankful for its non-slip rubber grip which may come in handy in my "loss of power, house is dark and kids are scared" craziness. The power of this light is remarkable. This little light totally illuminated my dark living room. This would be perfect for a loss of power due to storms.

The charge life is also amazing, with 100 hours of area life and 10 hours of focused light life. The light takes 4 AA batteries which can be easily replaced for a lifetime of use.

For more information please visit Energizer.com.



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