21Octayne - 'Into The Open' album review

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Hard rock 'n' roll band 21Octayne has released Into The Open, which contains their intense rock sound that highlights the powerful vocal range of Hagen Grohe.

21Octayne has a unique story about how the group came together. Each member of the group had spent an extensive amount of time in the music industry prior to joining the group.

It is clear that each member brings a level of musicianship all their own and together they form a stand out rock sound that fits into the modern charts. Members include Marco Wriedt who was in Axxis; Alex Landenburg who was a member of Rhapsody; and Andrew "The Bullet“ Lauer, who was a part of the group Paul Gilbert. Rounding out the group is Grohe.

What makes this album noteworthy and stand out among many like it, is the fact that musically, the album can go from having a very intense hard rock feel to a more pop/ballad driven tone. The album is pulled together by the vocal range of Grohe, which helps to highlight the catchy melodies that are heard throughout the album.

This is a different take on your traditional hard rock album, which is refreshing. The whole album feels like a story being told instead of different singles being featured.

The band does have a very similar sound to that of bands like Shinedown, but the album feels more organic and less polished. Which helps to give the whole album a very natural feel which connects with audiences. The band is putting the focus on music.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "The Heart (Save Me)," "Me Myself and I" and "Into The Open."

Listen to "Into The Open" here:



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