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The kids are winding down the summer and are soon heading back to school. Girls, show up looking your best for the first day of school with Ouchless Elastics from Goody.

Goody has been making hair look fabulous for more than 100 years, and have spent the last several decades developing the latest in innovative styling tools and fashion accessories.

For the first day of school try Goody's famous Ouchless brand of hair accessories including:

Ouchless Bright Elastics

These elastics have no metal, allowing for pain-free styling. Secure your daughter's braids or create the perfect ponytail! These bands come in fun, bright colors that you can mix and match so they go with everything.

Ouchless Bright Ribbon Elastics

The bright ribbon elastics come in a stylish pink palette. They have no metal and provide a gentle and comfortable hold. They also reduces snags and breakage.

Ouchless Bright Braided Elastic headwraps

Dress up your look from the gym to the office with Goody's cute, yet comfortable head wraps. Goody Ouchless hair wraps are a great way to gently pull hair back without snagging or pulling hair.

On-The-Go Storage Pack

Store your favorite hair accessory on the go with the new Ouchless purse pack. This flexible storage pack keeps elastics clean and in one place. Features Ouchless no metal elastics.

Goody Girls Bright Colored Contour Clips

Clip hair back easily with these brightly colored contour clips. A pack comes with 12 clips, each a bright color you can mix and match to go with any outfit.

Find Goody products at retail stores online and nationwide.



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