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By Jaime Martinetion ,
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Perfect to go along with my goal to eat and feel healthier these past few months is Baobab Fruit Powder by Kaibae. Kaibae is a lifestyle company based in California with a strong passion for health and to bring together people, the planet and health. Who could ask for a better equation?

Baobab Fruit Powder is derived from the Baobab Tree which is a main source of food and water within the African Savannah. The tree stores water in its trunk during the rainy season and later in the year its fruit provides exceptional nutrition to the community. Baobab Fruit has six times more Vitamin C than an orange, two times more calcium than a glass of milk, four times more potassium than a banana, six times more antioxidant than berries and 12 times more dietary fiber than an apple.

Its known for its immune boosting quality, it stimulates the growth of probiotics, supports anti aging; what doesn’t this fruit do! The powder is nut, GMO and gluten free as well as a vegan product.

Baobab Fruit Powder is both sweet and tangy. It can easily be mixed into smoothies and your favorite drinks. It can be sprinkled on cereals or baked goods. I tried it in yogurt which was an awesome afternoon treat.

By visiting gokaibae.com you can find an array of recipes as well; last night we tried the Baobab brownies and neither one of my children even detected a hint of “healthy stuff” in the two each that they gobbled up.

For more information or to purchase this super fruit treat please visit gokaibae.com. By calling 855-GOKAIBAE you can speak to any of their super friendly staff and ask any question you like! Please do not forget to sign up for their newsletter (coming soon is Baobab Oil and I cannot wait to check that out!).



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