The Bayonets - 'Crash Boom Bang!' review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

The Bayonets have released their debut album entitled Crash Boom Bang! and the album contains classic elements of rock that the band has displayed with their previous singles that have hit the top of the chart on the radio. Beginning with the first song, which is also the name of the album, “Crash Boom Bang” gives the listener a glimpse into the rock sound that is present through the rest of the album.

What is also neat about the album is on a song called “Vagabond Soul,” rocker Steve Tyler from Aerosmith lends his classic harmonica sound and vocals, adding to an already upbeat and smooth rhythm. The Bayonets sound is not at all new, as they have worked with plenty of artists who are big in the industry.

Lead vocalist Brian Ray has toured with the Paul McCartney Band and Oliver Leiber, on drums, has worked with artists such as Rod Stewart. The band’s sound came from a desire to reflect who Leiber and Ray were as musicians, without subscribing to choosing which songs would be hits.

It is clear through the music that they have done this, as the music is fun, upbeat, and has the classic sound of old rock that many will come to recognize. Having worked with many of the world’s highly regarded musicians, it is clear The Bayonets have the talent to create a great album.

Also included on the album is Lucrecia Loez Sanz, who not only plays the guitar, but adds her sound to “Whatcha Got” and “Last Man Standing.” Her vocals lend a softer rock sound, as well as blending harmony with Ray’s vocals and Leiber’s drumming.

Some favorites include “Crash Boom Bang!,” “So Easy Rider,” “Vagabond Soul” and “Last Man Standing.”

Watch a video for “Crash Boom Bang!” here.



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