Dirty Loops releases 'Loopified' and impresses with their covers

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Dirty Loops is originally from Sweden and are bringing their unique musical style state side. Dirty Loops has just released their debut album Loopified. The band brings high energy, infectious beats and catchy vocals with every track on Loopified.

Dirty Loops first came to fame with their popular YouTube covers of hit songs. From Justin Bieber to Avicii, the band wasn't afraid to translate their musical sound to the singles that were topping the charts not only in the United States, but around the world. Now the band is out to show what they can do with their original music.

The band impresses right out of the gate with their first single, "Hit Me." It has an intense bass line and the beats are loud, catchy and memorable. The beats grab the attention of the listener and help to frame the vocals and never overpower them. The vocals and beats come together in harmony and amplify the sound overall.

Dirty Loops brings their high energy and complex sound to a music industry that is craving more music like this. With artists like Tiesto and Avicii topping the charts by taking catchy songs and adding their own modern beats, Dirty Loops fits right into this growing musical style.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Accidentally in Love," "The Way She Walks" and "Roller Coaster."

If the band keeps up with their interesting sound and high intensity vocals, they will find a market in the United States that is craving this type of music.

Watch the music video for "Hit Me" here:

Watch the cover of "Wake Me Up" by Dirty Loop below:



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