Don Vaughn- "The Don Vaughn Experiment" review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Don Vaughn is a DJ and drummer who has made a name for himself not only as working in the entertainment industry as a musician, but also as a model and documentarian. His album The Don Vaughn Experiment features artists such as Nick Lachey, Loren Johnson, and Ashley Ownby, all of whom help to create tracks that are all unique from each other.

Beginning with “Again,” which Lachey sings on, the album begins with the electric dance beat familiar in many dance songs, followed by Lachey’s melodic singing. Next comes “City Lights,” complete with its own beat, further deepening the unique aspect of the album.

While different voices may be heard on the album, the artists all help to bring the tracks together through not only the vocals, but through the talent that shines from the work Vaughn choses to put out with his music.

The track I enjoyed most was “The Drop,” which features Aaron Kaufman and Bethany Jo Widrick. The vocals on the song are smooth and clear, plus the singer also harmonizes through the sounds of the electric beat. For “Absolution,” you hear Vaughn’s melodic voice, blending well with the music heard in this song.

With such an array of different vocals and melodies, Vaughn put together a very good album and has produced work that shows his talent when it comes to making music.

Stand out tracks include “City Lights,” “The Drop,” “Heartbreak,” “Absolution,” and “Oligodendrocyte.”



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