Ed Sheeran releases music video for "Don't"

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Ed Sheeran has released the latest music video off of his latest album, X. “Don’t” is one of the more upbeat songs on X and has strong single potential because it has the same fast paced melody that made “Sing” popular on the charts. The upbeat pacing of the melody helps to frame Sheeran's vocal delivery that combines elements of singing and rapping. This unique formula that Sheeran has created continues to grab the attention of music fans across a variety of genres and this music video plays along with Sheeran's willingness to go outside of the traditional musical box.

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The music video for "Don't" takes on a very artistic, fun play on the hard-hitting beat that underlies the entire song. The video follows a younger man, going through different parts of his day but the entire time he is break dancing.

The break dancing element really hits a stride when our main character interacts with others in the video including a scene where he and his woman interact and dance out their feelings and thoughts. No words are ever exchanged but passion and emotion can be explored with every movement between the two characters.

For fans looking to see Sheeran in the music video, this will be disappointing. The "Lego House" singer is only seen in a car driving past the main character for a moment. This video is looking at the song not from the perspective of Sheeran but from this man who is going through the song movement by movement.

Sheeran has never been afraid to express his art in his own way. This video doesn't follow the traditional music video path that many artists rely on but it is interesting, different and shows how dance can often bring to life new elements in a song that fans might not have recognized before.

The video is lacking one major thing, Sheeran should have been joining in on this dance party.

Watch "Don't" here:



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