FreeToes: The Original Flip Flop Socks

By Jaime Martinetion,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

If you are like me, you could live forever in a pair of flip flops; winter spring summer or fall. Freetoes, the original flip flop socks, provide you with the perfect solution to the "it's getting chilly but I still want to wear my comfy flip flops" problem.

These innovative toeless socks are perfect for the beach, an AMAZING idea for pedicures (especially from Oct-Mar); plus the moisturizer will stay within your skin keeping you silky and smooth all winter.

They are great for any salon treatment, for yoga and of course to use just as a comfy everyday sock around the house. My daughter cannot wait to wear hers to dance class this fall!

My absolute favorite part about these socks is the story behind them. They were created in 2008 solely by K8, an 8 year old girl who wanted to make herself something to wear with her flip flops in colder weather. She found that her classmates and teachers were interested and began creating the socks for them as well. In 2012, K8 brought her idea before the "Dragon's Den" where she was coined with bringing "the perfect pitch" and from there a film crew has followed her from Canada to California pitching her wonderful product!

Freetoes retail for $6.99 a pair and come in an array of fun colors and patterns. I love the camo and the white floral. They are super soft and wash well. For more information and to purchase freetoes please visit freetoes.com.



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