Review of BANKS' 'London' EP

By Rachel Karach,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

BANKS is a 26-year-old Los Angeles native who kicked off her music career in February 2013 with her first EP, Fall Over. IT featured two songs and did not get much attention outside of social media sites like SoundCloud. However, her second EP, titled London has spread like wildfire among the alternative/R&B music community.

London features four songs and was released in September 2013. BANKS played around with music at the age of 15, when her friend gave her a keyboard to help her get through some family troubles. She has since written many of her own original songs, some of which have made it on her last two EPs. BANKS is set to release a sizeable debut album in early September. The deluxe version of Goddess features 18 songs—a handful of which have been released as singles or part of her EPs.

What makes BANKS so special is her magnetic sound; her voice is almost hypnotic. The electronic beats behind her soothing vocals add a unique twist to such tortured lyrics. Most of BANKS’ material focuses on struggles in the world of romance and the trials and tribulations of breaking into the music industry. Her songs are incredibly sexy, smooth and smart.

To put it frankly, every BANKS song I have ever listened to has given me chills and then proceeded to bounce around in my head all day. Her lyrics paint strong emotional pictures worthy of some seriously awesome music videos.

My favorite track on London would have to be “Bedroom Wall.” The synthetic R&B music behind the vocals is odd enough to keep you interested, while BANKS’ melodic crooning keeps you coming back for more. Another powerful song off the EP is “Waiting Game,” which was featured in a Victoria’s Secret commercial in December 2013.

I also recommend the singles “Goddess” and “Drowning” off her debut album, which hits stores on September 9.



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