Review of Irinushka's 'Roads Travelled'

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Irina Kuzminsky, also known as Irinushka, is a poet, singer and accomplished dancer who has performed internationally in places such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. With her album “Roads Travelled,” she captures the purity and natural energy that comes from New Age folk music.

Irinushka’s vocal range is unsurpassed as she effortlessly pours her heart and soul out through the beautiful music that makes up the album. The instrumentation flows seamlessly along with the hauntingly beautiful vocals Irinushka displays her in work. The song “Genie in the Bottle” is one example of the powerful vocal range Irinushka has, as the song has a quality of sound much like opera.

Not only is Irinushka an accomplished singer, she has created beautiful works of art and poetry that are available on her website. Her album Roads Travelled has a unique sound, such as with the song “Connected Disconnection,” which has a rhythmic beat that stands out with the quick speed of Irinushka’s vocals.

Immediately after the song ends, Irinushka moves back into original style of singing with “This Floating World,” again displaying the ease in which she can transition between songs.

Going from one sound to another can be risky on an album, but with such an artistic, eclectic talent, Irinushka does an impeccable job moving from the sounds of the earlier tracks as she moves into a different style of singing.

Standout tracks include “Genie in the Bottle,” “Connected Disconnection,” “I Won’t Rest” and “Lilith.”



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