Review of James Bay's 'Let It Go' EP

By Rachel Karach,
Author Rating: 
3.0 Stars - It's Good

James Bay is a 23-year-old musician relatively new to the industry, though his second EP, Let It Go shows a lot of promise. His first EP, The Dark of the Morning was released last July. Bay is a British musician with vocals comparable to The Script and Joshua Michael Robinson.

The EP is a 5-song acoustic set filled with catchy melodies wrought with emotional lyrics. Bay’s voice is refreshingly raw. Through melodic crooning and a bit of tuneful guitar strumming, he creates a mellow sound pleasant enough to appeal to all kinds of music junkies. His lyrics reflect the youthful view of life that most twenty-somethings share and make for an album perfect for relaxing or doing some serious (and stereotypical) soul searching. The EP is certainly a strong start for Bay, who seems have a rapidly growing fan base throughout the UK and the U.S.

Bay has yet to release a full studio album, though he writes his own material and will hopefully whip something up to please his small but loyal growing group of fans. My favorite song on Let It Go would have to be the title track. I promise, this is not a cover of the song from Frozen. The song has a very catchy chorus capable of getting stuck in your head all day long (trust me on this one.) Meanwhile, the lyrics are an awesome refresher for someone attempting to terminate a toxic relationship.

Overall, James Bay has the cool alternative sound and the lyrical talent necessary to become the ‘next big thing.’ I for one will not be surprised when we start hearing his material all over the radio!



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