Review of Ostrich Run's 'Acoustified'

By Allison Rubenstein,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Ostrich Run combines the rhythms of indie and alternative rock in their first EP, Acoustified.

Formed in April 2013, the band strives to bring together their community in Anaheim, California, through the distribution of their music. And beyond their performances and recordings, Ostrich Run has high aspirations to raise awareness for local non-profit organizations, and eventually do so by hosting an art festival. The band’s own non-profit organization, called the Ostrich Farm Foundation, is currently fundraising to create this large event.

Acoustified consists of four songs, all of which have catchy and distinct tunes, but share a lyrical theme of overcoming fear. The last track of the EP, “Everyone Pretends," proved a standout with its memorable chorus and abstract lyrics that were highlighted in the featured music video. While the other songs’ lyrics were well written, they were more literal, leaving less open to interpretation.

The second track, “Steel," contained a unique, noteworthy voice effect, in which unexpected high notes softened the otherwise aggressive melody.

Ostrich Run’s Acoustified is definitely worth checking out, especially for fans of Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind.

Anyone looking to get involved in the Ostrich Farm Foundation should visit its Facebook page, which provides updates about local charity events and information on ways to help out the community.



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