Book Review: 'Devoted' by Hilary Duff

By Kinsey Roberts,
Book two in the author's Elixir series
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Devoted, the second novel in Hilary Duff’s Elixir series, picks up right where her first book left off. We meet the protaginist, Clea, back home in Conneticut trying her best to deal with the abduction of her soulmate Sage, at the hands of the Saviors of Eternal Life, a group that Clea thought would keep Sage safe but now she isn’t so sure. Unfortunately, she’s also struggling with the fall out of her friendship with Ben, whom she feels is partly responsible for Sage’s kidnap.

Determined to find Sage and bring him safely home, Clea and Ben do their best to repair at least their mutual respect and go on the hunt. Desperate, Clea makes a deal with Cursed Vengeance, a group that isn’t exactly loyal to Clea, but are against the Saviors of Eternal Life for better or worse.

What Clea doesn’t know is there are powerful forces working against her who will do whatever it takes to keep Sage and Clea apart. With a little help from the spirit world, Cursed Vengeance and Ben, Clea embarks on a journey to rescue the love of her life and start a life with him once and for all. But will she be too late?

While I enjoyed the first book of this series, Elixir, I can’t say the same for it’s follow up novel. The book did a great job building up to the final moment with a lot of details and intriguing background. But it fell short in what should have been a dramatic closing. Still, for fans of the series you’re going to want to know what happens. I just suggest borrowing the book or waiting until you can purchase it in paperback.

Duff has plans to write a third and final book for this series although further details have yet to be released.



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