Book Review: 'A Hopeless Romantic' by Harriet Evans

By Jackie Morrison,
Addicted to love is still addiction
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For some women the notion of finding a knight on a white horse does not end with adulthood. In A Hopeless Romantic we see how much romance and its fantasy has been the most difficult thing to achieve for Laura Foster. This is the sad thing about living your life with expectations based on romance novels and romantic movies. Real life never measures up to fiction. To expect it to is to only set oneself up for disappointment. Unfortunately Laura does not realize this and in her frenetic endless search for her Prince Charming there is disaster on the way. Evans paints a picture of a woman who suffers from an addiction to romance and like any dependency makes terrible consequences that harm her health, livelihood, and relationships.

So like an alcoholic goes cold turkey, Laura finally decides that she will give up her addiction to romance. Laura seeks to restore her mental health and the decision is a road to recovery that like any path to sobriety has many bumps. Shortly after deciding to give up men and love Laura decides to get away from her life in London and spend time with family. Just when she thought that she was getting better the old devil love shows itself in the person of Nick.

Laura can't help but be attracted to the handsome man that she finds herself drawn to. With her romantic triggers amplified Laura must find out whether she is capable of real love or if it's just old addiction to impossible romances rearing its ugly head. Evans makes us wonder if love in real life can be possible for one who has spent her entire life seeking fantasy. Evans writes an entertaining story of how the love you dream of can exist when one gives up the fantasy. Fairy tales are for children but true love is for people living in reality.



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