Boyce Avenue takes on Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’

By Chelsea Lewis,
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Boyce Avenue is known for covering many of the top 40 songs on the charts today, along with creating original music. The band found fame and fans with their largely popular YouTube channel. Boyce Avenue's most recent cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” is gaining attention both on and off YouTube.

The piano driven cover of this hip-hop track is a risky choice but the risk pays off. Alejandro and Daniel capture the magic that is in this song and showcase what is most important about the song, the lyrics. Boyce Avenue picks up the pace of the song after the first verse but keeps the focus on the piano notes and vocals.

When Rihanna released “We Found Love,”, many thought the love song would have been a ballad driven track, Boyce Avenue took that thought and made this song a more stripped down version of the club hit.

While Boyce Avenue does not have the same aggression and passion in their vocals that Rihanna had in her performance, the toned down version of the love song finds its stride about half way into the song. The band beautiful matched the toned down atmosphere of the song with an upbeat drum solo, it is here when the song finds that balance between hard hitting and relaxed and becomes unforgettable.

Rihanna is so powerful with her vocal talent; it is interesting to hear the tainted love song sung in a male’s tone. Boyce Avenue proves that anyone can take on a cover.

The cover of “We Found Love,” just went on YouTube three days ago and already has close to 3 million views.

Boyce Avenue is currently on tour in the US.



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