Candace Bushnell's 'The Carrie Diaries' Book Review

By Jackie Morrison,
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Sex and the City fans have long wondered what Carrie Bradshaw was like as an adolescent. The Carrie Diaries answers those questions. Candace Bushnell brings a young adult and up novel about the formative years of a beloved iconic character. Before she landed in New York, Carrie Bradshaw was a teenage girl in New England flirting with the wild life that would soon become her calling card.

The story takes place during Carrie's high school years. Even though she is younger, the telltale signs of the eventual adult character are evident in a teenage form. Carrie is still a virgin, raised by her widowed father, and a blossoming fashionista and pop culture lover. We learn she wants to write, likes to write, but is still figuring it all out. Between high school crushes, underage drinking, make-out session talk, and the female friendships that mark Carrie's personality, The Carrie Diaries bring to life how daring Carrie came to be.

Every famous person who made it in New York has a backstory about the steps that lead them there. Carrie Bradshaw's upbringing in a small New England town just couldn't contain her ambitions and passion for life. The Carrie Diaries traces those steps that became a path toward the iconic Sex and the City story.



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