'Crawling Back to You' by Daughtry

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Daughtry is back
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When Chris Daughtry got voted off the hit reality TV show, American Idol, that was one of the best things to have happened to the rock singer. Chris Daughtry’s band, Daughtry, is now set to release their third studio album, Break the Spell, next month on RCA records. The North Carolina band seems to have found the perfect equation for success on any single. Start with strong guitar chords; add Chris Daughtry rock yet soul infused vocal abilities and throw in the pain of one lost love. This equation Daughtry quantified has created yet another hit in their first single off of Break the Spell, “Crawling Back to You.”

Musically, the song sounds very similar to that of “September,” “It’s Not Over,” and “Life After You.” What is different about this single is the lyrical writing that “Crawling Back to You” showcases. Chris Daughtry and Josh Paul produced this track. With Chris’s hand in production this takes “Crawling Back to You” from static top 40 rock song to a song with emotion overflowing in the lyrics and vocal performance.

Much like a Nickelback song, Daughtry has a recognizable sound. When audiences first heard “Crawling Back to You,” it was instantly recognized as a Daughtry song, but this is not a bad thing. This recognition gives the band instant airplay on the radio and downloads on the iTunes charts. Keeping the formula the same seems to be working for Daughtry.

Many may say this is just another Daughtry factory made song but this new venture goes deeper into the band lyrics and shows Chris Daughtry pushing his vocals. Break the Spell might cast a new spell on old and new fans alike.



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