'Like Crazy' by Drake Doremus: Film Review

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Like Crazy was a big winner at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 with its tale of love derailed by U.S. Immigration. The premise is great. British exchange student Anna falls in love with American Jacob but it goes horribly wrong. Anna violates her student visa to spend a summer with Jacob in Los Angeles and ends up deported and banned from the country. What happens next are years of trying to make it work while life goes on.

Drake Doremus brings an indie film with so much potential. The perils of youth are evident. Anna makes a new life for herself in London while Jacob does the same in L.A. Distance may make the heart grow fonder but eventually reality brings a damper on love. Anna finds Simon and Jacob meets Sam but they are never free of the past.

Like Crazy reminds us how foolish love can be and what a bad choice can do to our lives. Anna and Jacob can’t move on, fight with fate, and in the end force a reunion that is tragic. The film captures the roller coaster of emotion that love and separation bring. It just doesn’t deliver a convincing story that love in youth is real enough to withstand the forces of time.


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