'The Crossing'

By Amanda Martinez,
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David Helpling and Jon Jenkins' album, The Crossing, is a far cry from the hits recycled through today’s radio stations. Absent are the expletive, sex-fueled lyrics and auto tune--The Crossing strikes vocals altogether. Helpling and Jenkins treat the audience to rich, methodical tunes no hit-making producer could ever create.

Younger generations may find themselves in a bit of a culture shock upon their first listen, but it’s important to keep letting the tracks flow. With this type of music, “feeling” the music is everything.

Without lyrics, the listener’s imagination takes the reigns, putting their own interpretation on Helpling and Jenkins’ melodies. The result creates a completely unique and individualized experience for each listener—the way music should be.

Created by the skill of two composers, their expertise in textures, rhythms, and spacing shows. With many of the tracks well over the five-minute mark, Helpling and Jenkins provide depth to each song, scratching the idea of a chorus or bridge and letting the music flow organically.

Look to stand out tracks “From the Smallest Seed,” “The Same Sky,” and “The Crossing” to help showcase the beauty in innovation. Hit play and let your mind roam—it’s worth the change up in routine.



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