Daughtry: 'Break the Spell'

By Chelsea Lewis,
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Daughtry is back with a brand new album, Break the Spell. The following is a track by track review of Break the Spell.

Renegade: The band is heading in a new direction with their new single, “Renegade.” The hard rock stylized single opens with an electric guitar rift and heavy drums. The song follows the typical Daughtry formula, which showcases Chris Daughtry’s unique rock vocal style, but this single leans more towards being aggressive instead of a rock pop single. The single does present a more gritty side to the rock pop polished band, and the change-up is welcomed. The lyrics also take a dark turn. “Don’t have any time here left to kill, don’t want to go down like the setting sun, so let’s break out of this town like a renegade,” sings Daughtry.

Crawling Back to You: The lead single off of Break the Spell was reviewed by Chelsea Lewis before Break the Spell was released. Please read the review here.

Outta My Head: The tempo of Break the Spell increases with this electric guitar driven track. Daughtry also shows remarkable control over his vocal range with “Outta My Head.” Daughtry sings, “Just like a simple song, I can’t get you outta my head.” This song will be stuck in the heads of fans. The chorus is entrancing and the beat is electric.

Start of Something Good: “Start of Something Good” takes on a slower tempo and sounds similar to “Life After You,” but Daughtry vocals can translate from hard rock and borderline scream, to a more smoothing passionate tone. When the chorus kicks in, there is a vulnerability to Daughtry and his lyrics. It is a simple song about hoping a relationship will work out in the end and Daughtry takes a simple love song and creates an unforgettable track with “Start of Something Good.”

Crazy: “Crazy” follows the classic Daughtry format. This is not a stand out track on the record, but it does show off the musicianship of the band as a whole. The guitar solos complement Daughtry’s raw emotions and lyrics with “Crazy.”

Break the Spell: The title track, “Break the Spell,” shows the maturity of Daughtry as a band and Chris Daughtry as a lead singer. The group does not play it safe on this album and the risk has paid off. The band has taken on more intense subject matter and a harder rock sound, but Daughtry is showing as the band members go through life, their music is changing with them. As it should be, evolution through maturity results in amazing music. “Break the Spell” showcases this evolution and has a captivating chorus that will likely be heard on the radio within the next few months.

We’re Not Gonna Fall: “We’re Not Gonna Fall” showcases the lyrical writing on Break the Spell. The song contains all of the elements that make a great Daughtry track, but the lyrics are what stand out. “We are never gonna break down/ no, no/ We are not gonna fall now/ Never gonna bleed out.” The song describes what people fight for every day in life and reminds listeners that if they keep moving forward, they will not fall.

Gone Too Soon: “Gone Too Soon” may be the most emotional song on the record. The song tells the story of a person who has died. “Who would you be, what would you look like…Today could have been the next day of the rest of your life,” sings Daughtry. His emotions are raw and can be felt when listening to this song. The song is about telling this emotional story, no fancy guitar solos or drum solos, just a simple song that comes across as a dedication of love and loss. To anyone who has lost someone, this song is meaningful and honest.

Losing My Mind: “Losing My Mind” picks the tempo back up after the emotional, “Gone Too Soon,” but what is the most impressive piece of this track is Daughtry going up high into his vocal register with the chorus. This adds to his already impressive range of vocal talent. The chorus shows restrain for the first few notes and then pushes forward into an intense rock ballad.

Rescue Me: “Rescue Me” switches out of the typical tempo on Break the Spell. The song showcases the power behind Daughtry's voice and the song really hits its stride about two minutes in.

Louder Than Ever: Very similar to “Renegade,” “Louder Than Ever” takes on a harder edge with the overall sound. The lyrical writing on “Louder Than Ever” is what makes the song memorable. It is yet another example of how Daughtry is becoming more mature and growing into their sound, while remembering to push musical boundaries.

Spaceship: “Spaceship” is just a fun relaxed song. “Spaceship” sounds very similar to other upbeat rock songs, but the band's personal touch on the song helps to take the song from ordinary to memorable. What “Spaceship” does is show the listening audience that Daughtry is willing to experiment with vocal techniques and lyrical writing.

Who’s They: The lyrical content of “Who’s They” sounds similar to a Rise Against empowering anthem. “Who’s They” is a song about being yourself and remembering we are who we are. This song is an excellent track off of Break the Spell.

Maybe We’re Already Gone: The opening chords of “Maybe We’re Already Gone” sounded amazingly similar to a country song, which may take the listening audience by surprise, but the change in sound is welcomed. It showcases another side of Daughtry, not just hard rock, but again the band's need to push themselves further musically.

Everything But Me: “Everything But Me” slows down the tempo of Break Tte Spell again, but after the intense “Maybe We’re Already Gone,” this track is well placed. Daughtry is known for taking raw emotion and having that translate into their songs. “Everything But Me” is a classic example of that. This has the possibility to become a hit radio single for the band.

Lullaby: An acoustic song ends the album. This slow lullaby is an amazing close to the album, coming full circle from hard rock to classic acoustic guitar. “Lullaby.” In a word this song is simply beautiful.



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