Eve To Adam begins their national tour this weekend

By Brad Beatson,
Brush up on their latest release, 'Banquet for a Starving Dog.'
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Right from the start, the album feels like it's a good ten years late from its intended time period. The singer manages to start out sounding like the lead singer of Savage Garden before reverting to more of a hard rock screaming voice, for the hooks and choruses. There seems to be equal parts angst and empathy within every track, making for a confusing listening experience. The overall instrumentation is solid throughout, however, much of the time the guitars and drums drown out the slurring vocals of lead singer Taki Sassaris. The group has received critical acclaim among the hard rock and classic rock communities, and has been on tour with one of the more recognizable groups in the history of the genre, Motley Crue. I'm not all that familiar with the genre, however the tones and feeling of most songs bring me back to the days of jamming out to Limp Bizkit and Korn on a walkman CD player. There are also traces of Linkin Park in there, without the rap elements, though. All of these opinions are from a lightweight hard-rock fan, who hasn't really sampled the genre outside of the mainstream bands of the late '90s to early 2000s. I could definitely see myself headbanging to these jams, though, at that part in my life.

If you fancy yourself a hard rocker, you probably already know of the Queens natives. The band features a pair of brothers, lead singer and guitarist, Taki, and drummer, Alex Sassaris. Gaurav Bali shreds the other guitar and Eric Bergmann rocks the bass. The track that shines most, is "In a Hurry," which opens with a particularly infectious guitar riff and the pulsating hook that contains the title of the song. Their national tour kicks off this weekend in South Florida, so brush up on the record, Banquet for a Starving Dog, and go enjoy a show in your area this holiday season!



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