Fanny Wang's Premium On-Ear Headphones

By Gina DiFalco,
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Fanny Wang's premium On-Ear Headphones retail at $169.95 and offer you a set of premium headphones that are tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs.

Sound balance and clarity are the most essential characteristics of the Fanny Wang audio experience, a truly versatile and beautiful sound. Fanny Wang's On-Ear Headphones celebrate the beauty of music on the outside as well as the inside. In addition to Fanny Wang's devotion to technology-based audio engineering, the company's head designer paid equal attention to the headphone exterior.

Additionally, its design features a svelte, classy yet modern headband, duo-fold structure with sturdy aluminum hinges, a removable cord, ear cups that combine supreme functionality with comfort, and an integrated Duo Jack which allows you to easily share your music.

When you purchase Fanny Wang’s On-Ear Headphones, you’re guaranteed a custom pair of titanium plated drivers, an integrated Duo Jack (in-line cable splitter) which let friends tune in to your audio and a 2-year warranty.

With a shipping weight of merely 2 pounds, the headphones’ tri-fold design is perfect for the international jetsetter, iTunes connoisseur, on-the-go audio engineer, and professional DJ. The sturdy, tri-fold design makes Fanny Wang headphones easy to stash, stow, and most importantly, protect.

Hurry up and get your chance to use this luxurious product, which is perfect for music-lovers, DJs and iTunes connoisseurs alike!

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