Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event [Soundtrack]

By Ellen Stodola,
Some of the memorable songs of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ were sung by cast members on a recent episode.
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I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard that Grey’s Anatomy was doing a “musical event” with some of the most memorable and influential songs of past episodes, I was a bit skeptical. However, this episode of the hit medical drama was definitely a surprise for the good, and the soundtrack, which features nine songs, is also a hit.

Though “Chasing Cars” is directly related to the second season finale of the show, this version of the song, which is sung by Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, and Chandra Wilson, is hauntingly beautiful and absolutely amazing. This is really the first song that is featured on the episode, and the slow and peaceful quality of the song is in direct opposition to the chaos that is going on in the scene as multiple doctors try to save their patient’s life.

Also featured on the soundtrack is “Breathe” which comes from another crucial episode of the show when the bomb squad had to be called in for a man who was shot with a bazooka. Chyler Leigh shows her singing ability with this song as she comforts Mark, who is her ex-boyfriend, who is a wreck since his best friend and baby are in critical condition. This song really promotes the message that most of the characters need to hear. They are all tense and upset, but they just have to breathe and take the day one minute at a time.

“How to Save a Life” has become one of the songs that is widely recognized with Grey’s Anatomy, and the rendition of it for the soundtrack was absolutely impressive because it featured most of the cast members of the show having some sort of vocal part in the song. This song comes at perhaps the most crucial and climactic part of the episode with Sara Ramirez’s character on the operating table and all of the surgeons working together to save her life. Ramirez is present as she has a sort of out of body experience, and the rest of the cast all contribute to parts of the song, stressing just how important saving this one life is. The song sounds different from the normal version, but the variation of voices really complements the impact of the song as a whole to the episode.

Finally, the last song that really needs to be mentioned from this soundtrack and episode of Grey’s Anatomy is “The Story.” This is the perfect choice to showcase Sara Ramirez’s voice and the impact of her character on the show. In the way that she really belts out this song, it demonstrates her character’s determination to survive and leaves viewers happy and impressed at the end of this episode.

The Grey’s Anatomy musical event offered a different approach to the show than viewers are used to seeing, and the soundtrack allows fans to listen and re-listen to the powerful songs that were chosen for this episode.



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