‘Happy Feet Two’ Freezing Frenzy Game

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Happy Feet Two, the sequel to the 2006 Oscar-winning Best Animated Feature Film, has just reached theaters. Families who saw the film and loved the characters will now be able to bring that fun home thanks to the Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game by Pressman Toy. It also brings the chilly fun of the winter and snow indoors.

This fun game, which is great for children ages five and up, features Erik, the star character of the film. Children can have fun with the battery-powered Erik, who tosses ice cubes all over the place. To play the simple game, two to four players choose a color and have to collect all six of the matching cubes. When you start playing the game, your color cube will pop off the base and you have to make sure you catch it before your opponent. If you do not, the opponent has to put it back on the base, forcing you to wait. Whoever ends up with all six of their cubes first is the winner.

Freezing Frenzy is a great game for the whole family. While most kid-friendly games usually are not all that fun for adults to play, Freezing Frenzy is the complete opposite. It puts adults at an even playing field with children. Parents have to be as quick as their children in order to play this game. It is a great game to have around during the holidays, when families are more likely to be together. For fans of the Happy Feet films, this is a must-have game.



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