Kathryn Alice 'Manifesting Love: Call Forth Your Soulmate' CD Review

By Jackie Morrison,
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Do you want to send out a signal to let your true love know that you are ready? If your answer is yes but you don't know how to do this, then this CD may do the trick. Sometimes the person we are looking for is also looking for us but they just need instructions and a soul invitation. Kathryn Alice, a love attraction expert, recorded this CD as a guided meditation to help you focus on creating a message to the one you love.

If you are into meditation and the Law of Attraction or simply believe in intuition and soulmates, you will love this CD! Alice is not woo-woo but she is definitely a spiritual teacher who is both grounded and inspirational. The hardest part of waiting for love is waiting for love. So, for those of you who want to do something, do this!

The best way to use this CD is in conjunction with Alice's other recording for those who need to release a person. Often, these two CDs are sold as a bundle, so get both if you can. Once you empty your heart of a past love, the next best step is to fill it with welcome energy for a new true love. Alice also wrote the book Love Will Find You, which can be read in between listening to these guided meditations.

Alice based the material for this CD on her popular L.A. workshops. The five tracks on this CD are:

"Manifest Your Soulmate"
"Break Down Barriers You Have to Accepting Love in Your Life"
"Release Your Fears of Being Close, of Being Hurt"
"Call Forth Love with this Powerful Process"
"Wisdom, Tools and a Guided Meditation that is Highly Effective"
"Bonus Meditation for Daily Use"



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