Kathryn Alice 'Releasing a Person: Recover from a Breakup or Divorce' CD Review

By Jackie Morrison,
Please release me
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Are you hanging on to a love from the past? Or are you pining for a great unrequited crush? Even worse, is the object of your affections a complete stranger like a movie star or singer? If you want love in your future, then release an impossible love from the past or present. You can’t have it both ways. Either you have a space in your heart for a soulmate or it's occupied by someone who doesn’t deserve your affections any longer.

If you have recently ended a relationship, engagement, or gotten a divorce, then you may also find this helpful. No one is happy when love goes away. Even the person that ended it has trouble letting go. Getting over someone is never easy, but it’s much worse to hold out for them long after they are gone forever. Soul mate attraction expert Kathryn Alice created this guided mediation for those seeking to be free from a lost love. This is not a cure all, as some may need professional help to let go, but it can only help. The end of love is painful but romancing a ghost is even more torturous. Don’t be a fool.

The truth is … if a person was really your soul mate they would never have left. A true soul mate always returns. Just like in the movies. Think of Jane Eyre returning to Mr. Rochester or Catherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. These couples could not stay apart. In real life there are plenty of examples of similar fated unions such as Prince Charles and Camilla or Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. If the person you are stuck on has not returned to you then they are not meant for you. Stop spending Valentine's Day pining for a what is not there!

Be kind to yourself and your heart. Give your soul the gift of freedom and listen to this CD. The tracks include:

1. The Importance of Release and the Basics of Releasing
2. Three Tools for Releasing
3. Q & A
4. Prep for Guided Meditation
5. The Release: A Guided Meditation to Set You Free



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