Lady Bunny proves to New York that she ‘Ain’t No Lady!’

By Amanda Thambounaris,
After a decade, the ‘dean of drag’ is bringing trash back to Times Square in her first cabaret show.
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Crisp white couches and topless bartenders and waiters lined the space of the La Escuelita Cabaret Theater in Times Square on Tuesday. At about 8:10 p.m., the lights went dim, but the mere brightness from the stage lights ignited the room as the audience howled and the music began. Of course, every lady deserves an introduction and Lady Bunny’s projector screens of fake celebrity reviews produced a heap of deserved laughs as well as grunts.

From the instant Lady Bunny stepped out on stage with her giant blonde bouffant and dress draped just shy of her private area, the feisty crowd was wide-eyed. She opened the show with her own rendition of Katy Perry’s curious hit, "I Licked a Girl and I Vomited" followed by "West Virginia Girls" and "Firework," accompanied by a generously sized dildo prop. As the song came to an end, Lady Bunny engaged the audience to let us know that, what she referred to as, “the PG rated portion of the show.” What was to come next was nothing short of hilarious and raunchy.

Lady Bunny goes on to get to know the audience, expressing how she has changed things over the past ten years. She now wants to “reassert herself” because she feels a little bit “unrepresented” and doesn’t care what people think of her — making her outpour of confidence a likeable quality. “Bunny came to us and said 'it’s been a decade since my last show.' It was time for her to do something new and fresh,” said show director Louie G. “So we worked it out with her and ran it here a few times and made magic. We are very grateful to have such a great team and to transform a really great nightclub space into a cabaret space so people can enjoy a different type of atmosphere.”

Her montage of clever lip synched jokes paired with her comical dance steps in between each song was ingenious. She feels that people in clubs don’t have the attention spans so they need the jokes. Lady Bunny wanted the audience to feel as if they were watching her at a nightclub, which is one of many things she absolutely achieved. Before displaying her music video parody of the song, "Like a G6," where she breakdances for money in a New York City subway station, she assures the audience that she “won’t make any tacky drag queen jokes—anymore.”

Lady Bunny then proceeded to sing an amusing version of that same song, called "Like a Cheese Stick," about uncircumcised men, which caused uneasiness at points. She continued to involve the audience in her act, which was a very smart tactic in making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. She paid homage to RuPaul as she spoke about his reality show, Drag U, and how she was too rough on the contestants sometimes as the “Dean of Drag.”

The act continued on with more hysterically dirty videos and jokes, covering everything from sex to how “Duane Reade is the devil.” She sang great back-to-back renditions of popular contemporary and old pop songs by Keisha, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin and Destiny’s Child, as well as taped and live impersonations that made it hard for you not to agree with. Lady Bunny then changed into an elegant long dress as she explained how the New York City drag community is a “sisterhood” and wanted to get an edge by doing a cabaret show. “She is such a powerful statement in the community,” said Louie G. “She is still going and amusing audiences all around the world,” he said.

Keeping with the heartfelt theme, she paid a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, consisting of a "Rehab" parody and some horrible jokes about her. According to Lady Bunny, that is how she pays tribute to a true vocal talent, which under the circumstances, is hard to comprehend. Before singing vulgar, but hilarious versions of more popular songs like Avril Lavigne’s "Constipated," Nelly Furtado’s "I’m Like a Turd" and Kelly Rowland‘s "When Drugs Take Over," she chose to display her "Firework" music video that was banned from YouTube. Let’s just say that they made the right choice in disposing of the video, as it was almost impossible to watch.

Finally, in keeping up with the holiday spirit, which quite frankly was the most entertaining part of the act, Lady Bunny’s energetic and sidesplitting encore was a medley of her own renderings of Christmas classics — including "I Saw Daddy Fisting Santa Claus," "Walking Around in Women’s Underwear" and closing the show with none other than Mariah Carey’s "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

Overall, every person who buys a ticket to see the legend, Lady Bunny, should already know what they’re getting into — a night of laughs, possible nausea and feeling a bit violated when leaving. She proved to still be, after ten years, “miraculous, gay and old in New York.”

Welcome back Lady Bunny!

Lady Bunny’s cabaret show runs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. at La Escuelita Cabaret Theater in Times Square. Visit LadyBunny.net for details.



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