Love, Sex & Situation

By Sari N. Kent,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

An album full of innovative techno grooves, blended with rap and smooth talking lyrics describes Deviants of Reality's Love, Sex & Situation. "Intro/Love Line Interlude 1" has a mind-expanding flow to it as it starts off with a female voice echoing in a matter-of-fact tone saying, "When you need someone to tell you, it's gonna be alright, in the dark of night. I wanna love you, I wanna love you. I need to love you, I need to love you." Then the intro turns into a scene from a late night radio show about love with a sensuous male voice saying, "Welcome to Late Night Lovelines, on WDEV 101.1. I am your host, DJ Alex J, and tonight we're gonna be talkin' about love, sex and situations." "Mystikal" has classic hip-hop grinds and is about a woman's mixed signals, with lines like, "You're so mystical, here we go, vertical. It's goin' on. Girlfriend, so what's the situation? Are you for real or are you just playin'? Every time we split we get back together again, I thought you said we just want to be friends, but you see me last night with this other chick, now you wanna act like I'm the biggest dick." "Summertime" is very mellow and could remind some listeners of the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince song of the same name with its congruent images and lines like, "It goes down in the summer, it goes down son, it goes down. Remember the summer of '89, her name divine, skin smooth like a bottle of wine." "Raise It Up" utilizes an old hip-hop implement, record scratching, and is a song that could be played at a club to get the crowd revved up, with lines like, "C'mon, light it up son, light it up son, we gonna raise it up, we gonna push it." Deviants of Reality's Love, Sex & Situation is a mixture of tracks that are perfect to bust a move to, either alone or with a partner.



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